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We have run out of time. Already we are feeling the effects of climate change and are committed to more dangerous effects. Technology has not saved us and neither have our governments. It is time we started taking responsibility for our own emissions.

The Simple Revolution is a radical grassroots approach to climate change, based on realistic estimates of what is required. The Simple Revolution is about individuals taking personal responsibility for their actions regarding climate change. The website aims to provide arguments for change, combined with solutions to reducing personal emissions.

Limiting Global Warming

There seem to be three broad strategies for tackling climate change:

So far, goverments have failed to achieve any reduction in global emissions and, in my opinion, will fail to do so until the public can be persuaded that reducing emissions is necessary. Eco-terrorism could potentially work, but should only be considered a last resort when all other avenues have failed.

Little attention has been paid to encouraging individuals to make the radical emissions reductions required to avoid catastrophic climate change.


The basic strategy of The Simple Revolution is:


Some campaigners argue that we shouldn't scare people with the full truth, because it could leave them depressed and therefore unable to contribute, but brightsiding is counterproductive:

"...if you avoid including an honest assessment of climate science and impacts in your narrative, it's pretty difficult to give people a grasp about where the climate system is heading and what needs to be done to create the conditions for living in climate safety, rather than increasing and eventually catastrophic harm. But that's how the big climate advocacy organisations have generally chosen to operate, and it represents a strategic failure to communicate."


Big climate advocacy organisations tend to give the impression that:

  1. Efforts of personal virtue cannot make a significant difference
  2. Making the required radical emission reductions are an unpleasant lifestyle change,
  3. It is the responsibility of our government to impose emission limits on us,
We need to show how:
  1. Individuals can and must make a difference,
  2. Radical emssions reductions and simplifying your life can be a pleasant improvement to your life
  3. We are all equally responsible for our personal emissions.


We should all be ashamed of what we have done to this planet. The best way to deal with this shame is by no longer contributing to the problem and becoming part of the solution.


Indivuals need to:
  1. Limit their emissions to below 2 tonnes CO2e,
  2. Encourage others to do the same,
  3. Lobby their MP, write to newspapers and magazines,
  4. Do everything they can to prevent the 4°C future we are heading towards



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"The revolution is not going to happen tomorrow- it's never going to happen. It's taking place right now. It is an alternate universe that runs parallel to this one, waiting for you to switch sides."